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Tips on Marketing your website.

Marketing a website online can be hard and downhard frustrating.  However, it is essential and is very rewarding. The major traffic on the internet is from search engines(mainly google and yahoo).  Getting a good search engine ranking is mostly achieved by search engine marketing.  However, there is no single way of marketing a website. Hiring a professional to do your search engine marketing is always advisable and rewarding in the long or short term. Here are some simple ways to get your website marketing a jump start.

Basic search engine marketing mechanisms.

  • Search engine Submissions-The basic and most effective way to get your website indexed. However,  search engine tend to index webpages on their own if they are correctly “keyworded “.
  • Getting linkbacks- Getting linkbacks from other websites can be very benefiacial for your website. Make sure the websites linking back to you are related to the content on your site.
  • Google local search has improved dramatically. If someone searches “web design in Toronto” they mentioned a particular city. Thereby the priority results will be local.
  • Having proper keywords-Keyword research is always advisable. Good keyword research shows how many people search for that particular keyword and its popularity.
  • Website age- The older your website is the more priority it gets from search engines. With so many “fly by night” websites it is understandable.

Choosing A web designer.

Designing a website? with unlimited options to choose from,  its hard sometimes  to make an informed decision. Here are some basics that might be of help when choosing a web designer.

Basics of choosing a web designer.

  • Portfolio- a designer should have a portfolio of their past work.  Check it out to see how their designs are compatible with your projections.
  • Dealing locally- Can never be emphasized in this day and age. Countless online scams are being brewed everyday and its best to deal with someone  local.
  • Timeline- Your time line is very essential and you should choose a designer that is able to owner that. Designers tend to take more than their fair share of work thereby, becoming overwhelmed.